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UT Pan Am (UTPA)

The vision of UTPA is to be a premier institution of higher education. As a major, nationally-recognized Hispanic-serving institution, the university is a leader in addressing the needs of a culturally diverse society through discoveries and innovations of global significance. The university provides students advanced instruction in academic programs offered through innovative delivery systems thus preparing them to be lifelong learners and leaders in the state, nation and world community. The development and implementation of an innovative program to deliver an efficient, integrated medical education will address the financial and scholastic needs of the students to produce a diverse physician pool needed locally and nationwide. Extensive collaboration between the A-PRIME TIME partners and the local medical community will enable us to deliver a broad education but with an intensive medical focus. UTPA will expand on its experience with inquiry-based, experiential and distance-learning pedagogy to develop an enhanced, competency-based curriculum.

UTPA’s goal as a member of the A-PRIME TIME partnership is to engage pre-med students by providing medically relevant content immediately upon matriculation at UTPA and throughout the program with hands-on and minds-on activities in both scientific and non-scientific courses. Faculty will participate in professional development workshops to enhance their effectiveness with distance learning tools and techniques to overcome the challenge of geographic distance, to ensure interactions between faculty and students, to offer team-taught courses, to effectively moderate discussions, seminars and case studies. This cohort of faculty will be empowered to deliver course(s) as appropriate for the subject rather than constrained by the academic campus or calendar. This type of innovation requires extensive and seamless collaborations, both intra- and inter-institutional.


John Trant, Dean, College of Science and Mathematics Professor, Biology
Office: MAGC 2.316 / Phone: 956-665-2404

Hassan Ahmad, Professor, Chemistry
SCNE 3316 / Phone: 956-665-3371

Frank Ambriz, Chair, Physician Assistant Clinical Professor
Office: HSHS 2142 / Phone: 956-665-7042

Scott Gunn, Professor, Biology Health Professions Advisor
Office: SCNE 1360 / Phone: 956-665-3537

Felix Koo, Clinical Asst Professor
Office: HSHE 2136 / Phone: 956-665-7043

Joanne Rampersad, Asst Professor, Chemistry
Office: SCNE 3360 / Phone: 956-665-3371

Jack Runyan, Clinical Assoc Professor
Office: HSHS 2158 / Phone: 956-665-2501

Cindy Wedig, Lecturer, Biology
Office: SCNE 1308 / Phone: 956-665-7025



Dr. ​Hugo Rodriguez, Director

Office: BRHP 1.124
Phone: 956-882-5046

​Dr. Manuel G. Saldivar
Office: SET B 1.510

Phone: 956-882-7163

Elizabeth Peña
Office: SET B 1.510

Phone: 956-882-7156​


Biomedical Research
and Health Professions
BRHP 2.101

Phone:  956-882-5744

Fax:  956-882-5003


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