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Dr. Sue Anne Chew

Student Education Coordinator

Ms. Bianca Farrell


Enhance curricular and student training activities that will enrich student preparation in biomedical science research primarily in health disparities, and related research fields to create an active and supportive research environment for future scientists.


  1. Increase academic self-efficacy by enhancing academic preparation.
  2. Increase research self-efficacy by providing research preparation and experience.
  3. Increase knowledge of health disparities and its negative consequences on the community.

Research Opportunities

  • Infectious Diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Diabetes & Obesity

Click here to download PDF with summaries of ongoing research.

How to Apply

The HDSP is an excellent opportunity for you to gain experience and knowledge it takes to become successful. This is an exciting program that helps students get into medical or graduate school by providing assistance and opportunities to assist in cutting-edge medical research.

First off, our programs mission is to provide leadership, infrastructure and resources to promote participation of students and faculty in biomedical research that addresses health disparities prevalent in the community. I am not sure if you have questioned what health disparities are? They are preventable differences in the burden of disease, injury, violence, or opportunities to achieve optimal health that are experienced by socially disadvantaged populations. Health disparities can be reduced slowly within time. With students like yourselves that take interest, these changes can be achieved.

In addition, the program will establish mechanisms to support, encourage and highlight the abilities and accomplishments of promising future research scientist. This could be accomplished through extensive participation of students in research and advising activities. Participation in workshops, GRE-Preparation and supplemental instruction along with faculty tutoring will ensure the academic success of your education. Promising students will also be required to commit to a departmental honors thesis and thus will be supported to undertake original research pertaining to health disparities in the community. The workshops will focus on strategies that are successful in STEM fields. It is anticipated that approximately five workshops will be held each year. Students admitted will commit to participate in all required program activities. Also students selected will have a variety of support services, including opportunities for scholarships and personal guidance in your undergraduate degree from distinguished faculty in the areas of Diabetes, cancer, neuroscience, Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, and Infectious diseases.

If you would like to apply for this program, click here to download application.

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