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Translational Research Seminar series

Translational Research Seminar Series
Fridays at 11:00 am  RAHC Building/ SPH N1.130
Sept. 26, 2014 Topic: "Child Obesity in Texas: SPANning Epidemiology to Health Education to Policy" - Speaker: Deanna M. Hoelscher, PhD, RD, LD - Sponsor: SPH
​Oct. 10, 2014 Topic: "Understanding endocytosis may enable development of therapeutics for some neurological diseases and cancers" - Speaker: Dr. Andrew Dean,​​ Associate Dean, Program Director/Professor Neuroscience, Depts. Neurobiology and Anatomy, and Pediatrics The University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Houston - Sponsor: MBRS-RISE
Oct. 24, 2014​ Topic: "Appetite regulation by apo-ghrelin receptor (GHSR1a) and dopamine D2 receptor interaction" - Speaker:​ Dr. Andras Kern, Staff Scientist, Department of Metabolism and Aging, The Scripps Research Institute - Sponsor: MBRS-RISE
Oct. 31, 2014​ Topic: "Targeting AKT in mantle cell lymphoma" - Speaker: Victor Hinojosa, Topic: "Effects of polyglutamine expansion in myglobin: A computational study to elucidate polyQ disease mechanismd" - Speaker: Rolando Hernandez, Topic: "Mcl-1 stabilization and degradation is controlled by the different regulatory B-subunits of protein phosphatase 2A"​ - Speaker:  Emmanuel Rosas 
 Sponsor: HDSP/MBRS-RISE/Student Summer Research
Nov. 7, 2014​ Speaker:​ Erica de Leon, Chrystelle Erika Espinosa​, Karla Boeta (student summer research) - Sponsor - MBRS-RISE
​Nov. 14, 2014 ​Topic: "Balancing mitochondrial structure and bioenergetic function: mechanisms and translational applications" - Speaker:​ Dr. Robert Gilkerson​, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology and Clinical Laboratory Sciences, UTPA - Sponsor: UTB
​Nov. 21, 2014 Topic: "Bacterial components required for Gbp2 recruitment to Legionella pneumophila vacuoles" - Speaker: Erica De Leon & Topic: "Akt and its target ACL promote macrophage M2 polarization"​​​​ - Speaker: Chrystelle Erika Espinosa
​Dec 5, 2014 Topic: "Developing radio resistant Breast Cancer Cell Lines" - Speaker: Karla Boeta (Summer Research -MBRS-RISE) & Topic: “Activation of the ghrelin receptor mediates NMDA receptor phosphorylation at the NR1 subunit in the rat hippocampus"​ - Speaker: Brandon Muniz (Summer Research -BMED Student)
​May 1, 2014 Topic: TBA - Speaker:​​ Dr. Claudio Villanueva, Assistant Professor, University of Utah School of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry​ - Sponsor: MBRS-RISE

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Winter Commencement​
​December 13, 2014 University of Texas at Brownsville Winter Commencement​​​ 2014

Biomedicine Induction Ceremony​

​Sept. 2014 Induction Ceremony for all NEW Biomedical scholarsGran Salon

Fresehman Convocation

​August 29, 2014 All first-year students are invited to the Freshman Convocation, marking the beginning of your university life.​ 
Gran Salon 4:00pm - 6:00pm

​ Research Symposium
April 4, 2014​ 16th Annual UTB Research Synposium​ at El Gran Salon

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Faculty Workshops

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