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The goal of the Research Faculty Development Core is to provide a comprehensive strategy to develop junior-faculty skills to conduct research and to support long-term development and sustainability of research scientists to advance investigations aimed at reducing and eliminating health disparities. As a developing research institution, The University of Texas at Brownsville has been most successful in attracting and recruiting promising, young investigators. Some of the obstacles, however, include having the resources to provide necessary faculty development support, mentoring of new faculty and simply the “time” to provide the guidance that new investigators desperately need. Review by The University of Texas System's Offices of Research reveals that formalized programs of orientation, training and development for new investigators has helped them significantly to gain confidence, knowledge, resources and persistence in applying for federal funding opportunities. Through activities in the Research Faculty Development Core, services will be improved from what is currently offered primarily through the Office of Sponsored Programs and integrated with the newly formed UTB Office of Research to provide grants training workshops, seminars and related resources for new investigators. An important component of this core is research faculty mentoring. Additionally, noted speakers with research in health-disparities fields will be invited to our campus to present on topics relevant to the region such as diabetes, nutrition and obesity, cancer and infectious diseases to inform, educate and communicate with faculty, researchers and local health providers. Developing faculty will also have the opportunity to travel to relevant agencies and universities to gain valuable knowledge regarding processes and avenues for successful research funding. As part of the activities, this core will provide the basic infrastructure for a formalized mentoring program aimed at the needs of junior faculty members.


  1. Develop a formalized faculty development program for junior faculty with interests in biomedical, behavioral and related research to provide understanding of research concern knowledge to successfully compete for independent research funding
  2. Provide opportunities for junior faculty member to establish productive collaborations

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