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Specially designed research courses

BIOL 4391.01
Topics in Biology: Biomedical Research I
Research Principles and Ethics

This course will provide students with a general understanding of issues surrounding ethical conduct in scientific research.Topics will include scientific authorship, how to draft a protocol for research on human subjects, mechanisms of peer review, grant application review, etc. At the completion of the course, students should have gained the ability to think about scientific conduct issues in an ethical decision-making way.

BIOL 4392.01
Topics in Biology: Biomedical Research II
Research Methodology

Methodologies employed in biomedical research will be discussed and explored. Topics will include formulation and testing of scientific hypotheses, experimental design, laboratory notebook maintenance, and data interpretation.Biochemical, genetic, immunohistochemical, and molecular techniques will be reviewed. At the completion of the course students are anticipated to understand the basic methods employed in scientific research.

BIOL 4393.01
Topics in Biology: Biomedical Research III
Research Project

Students will be expected to design, develop, and conduct an independent research subproject in the laboratory with the guidance of a research faculty. Acquisition of experimental techniques, note keeping, safety, and appropriate laboratory conduct will be emphasized. This course will require the approval and supervision of a research faculty prior to enrollment.

BIOL 4394.01
Topics in Biology: Biomedical Research IV
Professional Presentation

The course will promote the development of presentation skills and the ability to discuss research data in a scientific or public forum. Literature search, reading of research articles and interpretation of experimental results will be emphasized. Verbal and written presentations will be expected from students for successful completion of the course. Formats utilized will be those employed at scientific meetings and required by peer-reviewed scientific journal. Literature research and presentation topics will be assigned by the instructor.​​​


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