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scholars of spring 2010

Scholars must be UTB/TSC juniors or seniors with a 3.0 or higher g.p.a. and with a demonstrated commitment to service. Through the CCE Endowment Fund, they are given scholarships on a sliding scale: up to $1,000, based on hours of service. We had 12 scholars in fall 2009 and currently have 10 this spring. We received at least 16 applications for spring 2010 and interviewed 13 candidates with prepared interview questions and a scoring system.

Lizeth Becerra
Major: Biology Pre-med

See Lizeth's Impact


Andrea Castellanos
Major: Spanish Education

See Andrea's Impact

Rosa Castellanos
Major: Nursing

See Rosa's Impact


Nydia de la Torre
Major: Psychology and
Business Management

See Nydia's Impact

Mario Guzman
Major: Biology Pre-med

See Mario's Impact


Manuel Maldonado
Major: Computer

See Manuel's Impact


Sigrid Razo
Major: Nursing

See Sigrid's Impact


Michael Padron
Major: Bilingual
Generalist EC-6

See Michael's Impact


Yesenia Treviño
Major: Biology

See Yesenia's Impact

Scholars in Action:

On January 14, 2010, Dr. Kathy, Estela Martinez, Moises Torres, and the CCE scholars gave a presentation to the Academic Affairs convocation, where we introduced “Trickle-up Service Learning,” a concept Dr. Kathy created whereby faculty with little experience with service learning would select CCE Scholars to help them organize these projects with agencies; the goal is to motivate professors and to provide the scaffolding them to continue these service learning projects. Scholars will complete Zoomerang surveys to document all of the "Trickle-up" projects they completed with faculty and applicable agencies to demonstrate community and campus impact.

As of January 2010, the scholar log-in sheet now has a section for the scholars to explain what they learned during the time block when they volunteered. There was no reflection requirement before. Scholars must serve at the Good Neighbor Settlement House in an area that relates to their interests or academic fields. The CCE Scholar focus is shifting from volunteering to service learning. Is any intentional, active, reflective work that students do to meet community needs. Students and community members must learn from each other; reciprocity and interactions are key. If an agency is involved, it cannot be a large corporation; however, a hospital could be a SL site.

Next, the scholars are required to give “Go Vote” speeches at UTB/TSC classes and also in a junior or senior high school classroom, to be verified with UTB/TSC professors and also twelfth grade teachers. These speeches are part of the CCE’s Kids Voting USA-Brownsville Program and Project 100%(to increase the voter turnout from 17% at MRCN to 100%). CCE Scholars are also required to give “Come Volunteer” speeches to be verified with UTB/TSC professors and class members’ sign-up sheets. The purpose of these speeches is to raise awareness of and engagement in civic engagement at UTB/TSC.

Scholars are also required to assist with the CCE-sponsored events. Please click on the Scorpion Challenge website to discover what these events are and how you can help.

On March 27, 2010, The CCE Scholars participated in the UTB/TSC Exercise Science Club's Bowling Tournament in Brownsville. Pictured, from left to right, are: Michael Padron, Emmanuel Moises Torres, Mario Alberto Guzman, Manuel Maldonado, Nydia de la Torre, Rosy Castellanos, Andrea Castellanos, Dr. Kathy, Sigrid Razo (front row), and Anali Torres (closet to the camera).

Scholars and Kathy Bussert-Webb at the bowling tournament

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