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sl certificate: faculty, students & staff

Explanation of Beginning Level Service Learning Certificate (modules in Blackboard)

This is a optional certificate comprised of modules for faculty, students, and staff who are interested in learning more about service learning. There is no cost involved to those who begin and/or complete the modules. SL is any intentional, active, reflective work that students do to meet community needs.

The modules are intended to increase student, staff, and faculty knowledge and commitment of civic engagement and service learning (SL). Test-takers must complete all modules for their certificate. When a person passes all modules, they can click and print the certificate.

The beginning level service learning certificate will assist a staff or faculty member in promotion, tenure, and exceptional merit; it will assist students with reading and writing development, test-taking skills, and job applications. Researchers have demonstrated SL improved students' grades and critical thinking, especially for lowest ability students (Carini, Kuh, & Klein, 2004). Also, Kuh et al. (2008) found that the level of student engagement, reported on the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), was the second leading indicator among several variables for student grades and college retention. The first leading indicator was prior academic achievement.

Contact the Center For Civic Engagement 882-4300 to be enrolled in the course.


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