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Arguments in Favor of Proposition Seven:

The government shouldn’t have to wait to fill a vacant position of power. According to the Texas Legislative Council, this amendment would allow a local government to fill an empty seat in the government much more quickly than the current system, which only allows a vote after a position has been vacant for more than 120 days, and does not allow for appointments to fill an empty seat with an unexpired term of more than 12 months. Indeed, the amendment allows for the government to act more quickly than it normally would.

Arguments in Opposition to Amendment Seven:

According to the arguments presented by the website Northwest Austin Republican Women, opponents of this amendment mentioned that it is crucial to have elections so that civil officials would no make the government more vulnerable to corruption when trying to designate one another to withdraw domestic offices.
League of Women Voters of Texas also states that proposition 7 has a capacity to create the opportunity for dishonesty by allowing city officials to assign one another. Voting and elections are the affective ways to protect democratic integrity. The cost of special elections is a small price to pay to secure accountability. 
Ballotpedia gives a clear statement explaining that any gaps that have developed should be filled by the majority vote of the advised voters at the special election when one hundred and twenty days have passed after the vacancy. The problem is that several communities are verified by a charter amendment that arranges of filing vacancies for an expired term of twelve months or less.

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