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Alejandro Macias

Alejandro Macias,
Visual Arts Department



MFA from University of Texas- Pan American

BA from The University of Texas at Brownsville/ Texas Southmost College


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Alejandro Macias, Lecturer in the Department of Visual Arts

Classes Taught:


Joined UTB/TSC:


Area of Specialty and REsponsibility:

Drawing, Design and Art Appreciation

Previous Experience:

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Alejandro Macias was born and raised in Brownsville, TX. Although he always had an interest in drawing, he didn’t discover his passion for art and painting until he attended The University of Texas at Brownsville.  It was at UTB where he received formal training in painting under Professor Carlos G. Gomez. His love for art and painting only began to intensify and after receiving his BA in Art, he moved to San Antonio for a year to explore big city life, the art culture there, and various themes in painting. Upon his return from San Antonio, he took graduate courses at UTB and later transferred to University of Texas- Pan American to attend graduate school. After receiving his MFA with a focus in 2D art, he began work as an Adjunct Instructor and Gallery Director for The Gallery at Rusteberg Hall at UTB. Through his studies, he explored animal and human anatomy, collage, and various painting and drawing techniques. He now works for the Visual Arts Department at The University of Texas at Brownsville as a Lecturer. Currently, his work explores various painting techniques, human anatomy and his love for pop culture.
Teaching Philosophy:
As an instructor or lecturer my philosophy is to create a comfortable learning experience for students. Not only is it important but also essential to have social skills that create an atmosphere where students can comfortably engage and succeed in reaching their potential. I believe I can create that atmosphere. I expect to do that by sharing my knowledge, and expertise in the material I practice in a creative way. It is important for one to know their craft and perhaps just as equally important to learn how to share it with others. The instructing stage is crucial to a student’s learning experience. The instructor must challenge their students and I feel that students must challenge their instructors as well., that way they both benefit from one another. Instructors have to also approach different students in a different way so that they benefit from the learning experience.
            I instruct and lecture because I’ve always enjoyed participating in and fueling constructive dialogue. Dialogue is important because sharing knowledge and intellectual ideas, in my opinion, creates a better world for others. I genuinely enjoy sharing and exchanging ideas. I enjoy seeing people succeed, use their newly acquired knowledge and apply it to their daily lives in a positive way. I still consider myself a student, and as people we never stop learning. I want to be taught, and I want to learn from people, even students. Hopefully my students mutually feel that as well. It is essential for our growth as people to learn from one another. I have had the pleasure of students thanking me for helping them but it is me who should thank them for the opportunity. There is a vast wealth of existing and new information and I look forward to exchanging it. There is no greater wealth. 

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