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artist statements

Louis Maza pieces are inspired by his job as a medic and his years living in the Rio Grande Valley. He paints in an abstract expressionism style. He enjoys creating abstract art because it makes the viewer’s mind think in trying to figure out the meaning behind his work. He finds harmony and balance in making art with motion, lines, texture, and energy to expand one’s mind to open up and try to understand his technique. His series of paintings are titled Layers of Hell which are inspired by Dante’s Inferno. His pieces are all painted with different texture and color to bring out the meanings of each artwork. He sees the world and the people in it changing and not caring about anyone else except themselves. Louis pieces were influenced by the violence that is happening not only at the US Mexican border but all around us. There is so much anger, pride, lust, greed, etc., in the world. The violence across the border can’t be denied but we have to start where we live to start changing the way of thinking. Louis tries to inspire others by his art and in some way influence his audience to change or open there eyes.

Jacob Jonathan Soto artwork consists of layer upon layers of paint in thin but careful glazes. Through the expression of each layer I become lost thinking of all the ups and downs in this season's path. Like the old expression of "life is like an onion", I too have carefully added everything I have learned in mediums, texture, and color. Part of my work is an impression if not an experiment of what I have seen moving into Brownsville Texas. While I use these new tools I begin to unravel new ideas and possibilities onto a new layer in my life. Each composition in this exhibition is merely a season of experimentation which is not something for me to overlook but to grow interest and rise to my next body of work.

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