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artist statements

In some of my work I create cut out silhouettes to keep painting fresh instead of using the typical square or rectangle. In my work I illustrate a person’s mind in a semiconscious state and music is one of the many things that can take you there. I use rich and vibrant colors that influence my soul. The colors are the rhythmic beats my eyes are my visual experiences, my soul is the vibrations of every beat that impacts it, and I am the artist that is touched by the music. Music has inspired me to create worlds that I have experienced and dreamt about. It makes me see colors that I interpret into a painting. Every musical beat that I hear I picture a color. The definition of the word trance is detachment from one's physical surroundings, as in contemplation or daydreaming. Trance music is exactly what it is defined as. Trance Music is a Transcendental Force which can dissociate the mind and the body. You can lose yourself in a greater force and create your own reality. When I listen to music I become one with it and it creates a bond within my soul. Music heals the soul and it expresses humanity. It can take you back to a memory and relive moments in life. I am empowered to create my own world with the blissful and energetic sounds of trance. In my artwork I create these worlds that do not exist in real world but is created in my mind. Music affects the brain and our hormones and it triggers a release of serotonin and endorphins. In other words it releases our feel good chemicals. In my work I also portray dendrites from the nerve cell and serotonin. These electrical impulses fascinate me because it is intriguing to know what our body does when triggered by music, emotions and feelings.
- Tiffany M. Gutierrez

I have always respected the idea of the Renaissance Man, a person who skilled in a number of different subject areas. This idea, along with my ever-evolving artistic philosophy, has lead me to become an interdisciplinary artist; working with numerous mediums and art forms such as sculpture, painting, drawing, mixed-media, and photography. No matter what the style, I'm fascinated by the nuances of each medium and technique required to bring my ideas to life. For me it is a process of trial, error, and learning from my mistakes to improve on future projects.

The pieces on display were heavily influenced by the concepts and story lines of 80's and 90's science fiction movies I grew up with. Collecting the ideas from these sci-fi movies and assimilating them with my own; I wanted to explore Man's creativity, his demise, and his unknown future. We as human beings have advanced in every facet of technology over the last hundred years. We now live in an age of information where the world's knowledge is available in milliseconds. But in all this advancement of technology in order to make our lives easier we have created hazardous byproducts & pollutants that effect us physically and mentally. In an effort to push technology to its pinnacle, I foresee man eventually creating an artificial intelligence leading to an uncertain apocalyptic future. I explore these themes and ideas though various materials and art forms to create physically and visually interactive pieces.
- Andrew Moncada

I am a figurative artist, and I try to tell a story with my work. I was heavily influenced by classical work, as well as contemporary figurative work. My work tends to portray my own fantasies, dream like concepts, and sexuality. I believe a good piece should speak for itself as well as have underlying tones and meanings. It should captivate you with the obvious and hook you with the mysterious. Work should always have meaning in it. However, the meaning itself may or my not be perceived by the viewer. I always attempt to capture drama in my work. I try to achieve this by the use of dramatic poses, lighting, and subject matter. In my work I like to use a traditional approach to portray contemporary figures. My style and use of the brush changes from piece to piece depending on how I want the work to feel.
- David Guerra

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