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Curator’s Statement:

Brad Doherty

July 2008


During the Spring 2008 semester many ideas about a theme for a Photography exhibit were discussed among students & myself. When the theme Tex-Mex was suggested, it seemed a natural fit.

The border or frontera is to me a fuzzy line, barely defined by the Rio Grande, but maybe the absurdity of the proposed Border Wall, may indeed create divisions among the people of “la frontera”. Are we as residents on both sides separated by language, written or spoken? Do we distinguish here and across by the food we prepare, the music we listen to, the clothes we wear or the way we go about our daily lives? The short answer is yes and no.

The roots of the border culture run deep on both sides of the river. Sometimes the blending of the Tex and the Mex is subtle and in other instances, it is as distinct as “melaod” y “picoso”. It is in the blending of these differences, great or small, where things become exceptionally visually interesting.

The intent of this exhibit is not to criticize or stereotype this region, or the people, but to document what is here, what is Tex-Mex: a panoramic phenomenon.

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