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artist statement

In a time when there are serious concerns regarding the browning of America and immigration issues are common, a people struggle with fear and humiliation and on many occasions they are ridicule and seen as strange. The Handsome Pepper is a celebration of the beauty that for thousands of years dominated the new world. The peppers like the original people of the Americas vary in nature. This body of work looks at the strength and determination of a people metaphorically and places them in typical situations common to all human beings. The pepper icon was chosen due to its impact globally when Columbus introduced it to the rest of the world. The intensity of its flavor and depth of varieties mimic the plethora of new world people; or I could say that the Handsome Pepper was an idea that came about when a art connoisseur viewed it as an inferior symbol not worthy of hanging and that I also overheard two outsider people refer to the local Mexican population as strange and nasty looking. You choose which is more appropriate.

  Carlos G. Gómez

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