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Artist Statements

I base this series of work upon my own artistic exploration of the ongoing, escalating atrocities attributed to the cartel violence. Although American Media shamelessly sensationalizes the Narco-State Traffic issue, for me, it was the actual authentic experiences of personal friends.... their whispered word-of-mouth accounts of almost unspeakable agonies endured which truly struck, stunned, shocked, and saddened me inspired my theme. My intention is to avoid simplistic regurgitation of Mass Media misinformation, and to focus my artistic lens upon contributory factors present. I believe that Mexico has promise without parallel, and an ancient resilient strength that not only survives but thrives! As a painter I feel a moral obligation to create works that express aspects of controversial issues I feel we ignore at our peril. This is a sacred responsibility, and indicative of the power and privilege of Art.

by Adriana Rodriguez

In the pursuit of my Art, I have uncovered the realm of the infinite and the unlikely, the ups and downs, the ins and outs and it has contorted all aspects of my development. My growth as an artist is a product of doing and creating, there is no moment that repeats and every brushstroke is fresh and diverse. Being drawn to the manipulation of a medium on a surface to create the vision that only existed in a glimpse of a thought is the driving force behind my artwork. Every idea is a challenge and a new road, and it is up to me, the artist, to choose the path that will best fit the idea. Professors and mentors, family and friends, throughout my life have helped shape the person I am.

by Delfino Martínez

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