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Artist’s Statement

James C. Miller

My work is how I deal with life, from expressing my love to dealing with pain. I have leaned on my artwork to cope with losing loved ones to contemplating the reason for my existence. I create artwork by looking at or hearing ideas that seem apart from the harmony of its surroundings. A misprint in the newspaper or a breaking of a satellite image gives me the spark that kindles a series of pencil and ink sketches, then a set of paintings or scans.

My recent work has been influenced by technology, from sonograms to digital imagery. The retrieval of images and how they are perceived is what I take to ideas that have haunted my imagination for years.

I have endlessly explored the theme of mother and child, music and drama, life and death. Scanography has allowed to explore these concepts and give them new meanings through distortion. In turn, the use of this technology has influenced how I present ideas with traditional mediums such oil painting and pencil drawing. I hope that my work allows the viewer to find personal meaning and worth.

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