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Artist’s Statement:

Jennifer Rose-Segrest

My artwork resonates with ideas and messages that help express my deep love and empathy for animal welfare. In contrast to their human counterparts, animals do not have the voice to defend or speak for themselves. There are many injustices that befall animals that we as humans either are not aware of, or choose not to acknowledge. It is important to educate and raise awareness of the disregard of humane rights that is, more often then not, the fate of our animal friends.

Through the manipulation of color and form, specifically in sculptural structure, I am able to initiate a communication between the viewer and my piece. Being able to view the piece in the full round is imperative to this communication. The three dimensionality allows the viewer to move around and interact with the piece thereby stimulating an emotional reaction within the viewer.

My work contains a primitive, "childlike" quality, where form is implied and secondary to the underlying emotion, be it hope, sadness, distress, or play. I feel it is important to present my message in a manner that is not going to cause the viewer to turn away before the initial message has been received. As a result of my technique, I believe I am able to communicate otherwise emotionally sensitive social issues such as, the euthanizing of thousands of dogs and cats in America, the inhumane world of Pit Bull fighting, and the affects of Global Warming on the world’s different animal populations, in a simple almost naïve way that will not offend.

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