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artist statement

Where am I? This simple question has spawned a thousand stories, partly because it naturally draws out a myriad of even more intriguing queries that beg for tales to answer them. If this is where I am, where did I come from? Where will I go from here? Why am I here? How do I make sense of this place and time? How do I share my tale? Will anyone believe me? Every time we ask these questions, we beg for stories to be told, for rich meaningful explanations and reasons that do not approximate simple or even satisfying answers. When I first began my career as an artist, I realized that the journey to self-discovery, my story, was about to begin. As my career developed, I was surprised by the discovery that art was not simply emotions pasted on paper, but rather an amalgamation of the political, historical, and cultural narratives that influence, provoke and push people, often pushing them into the escape of other worlds. I am a journeyman into a world of visual arts and a dreamland of my own imagination, and in this journey I have discovered my own identity and control over my craft through the guidance of the dreamscapes and visionary landscapes of influential artists such as Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gogh, Carlos G. Gomez, Gustav Klimt, and Maurice Sendak. My progress, shaped by these artists, has been fueled by a transformative habit of questioning. What are my questions? The most simple is the one I began with: where am I? But really, this question masks the host of questions that led to it: how to control materials, how to control messages, and ultimately how to exert control over an uncontrollable, often wildly alienating and strange world. The above mentioned artists’ influence combined with this igniting tendency to question has kindled the fire of my art and left more than a few searing lessons upon me. I hope to explore both my development in response to these broader technical questions and my interaction and inspiration with several influential artists.

  Luis Sanchez

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