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Achieving Determined Interest

‘Interest’ is embraced by each artist as they create a form of potential strategies for meditative frequency. An engaging collective dominated by personalized strategies that retain a constructive yet sympathetic conversation with each artist’s specific audience. Personalized and refocused STC Faculty has a cohesive levity that combines sensibilities historical, contemporary and conceptual. Together this fluxus unites a unique set of works that are transformed through teaching, academia and community. They wear uniforms of workers, artist, spiritualists, CEO’s, architects and anarchist. There is a connection of form and content that is occupied by camaraderie, and they welcome any imbalance as a manifesto of individualism in unity. We see this exhibit as an Anthological work in progress through a united front of we, you, them, and us. Traversing all aspects of an omnipervasive existence and resistance.

"We are fortunate to have some of the most innovative, productive, and socially active artists in the Rio Grande Valley teaching at South Texas College. Many of the artists at STC are influenced by the social, political, cultural, and environmental climate of the Rio Grande Valley. Scott Nicol's work, for example, frequently addresses the unique natural habitats of this region and the threats they face as a result of environmental laws overturned by politically motivated policy makers.

David Freeman's work addresses the unique cultural environment of a region that sits on the border of two nations, whose inhabitants are caught in the daily strife of economic inequities and anti-immigration policies. The artists are stylistically diverse, ranging from the more traditional approach to painting, as seen in the works of Pedro Perez and Richard Lubben, to the conceptually driven, as seen in the chair installations by Tom Matthews. The South Texas College art faculty are remarkable in their dedication to their studio production and their ability to balance this work with equal dedication to the growth and artistic development of our students," says Phyllis Evans, Chair of the Visual Arts and Music Department.

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