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Artist Statements:

I use my artwork to reflect elements of my life like a poet who uses a series of intricate words to create rhythm and generate a sense of consistency and flow.

The dripping of paint (color) is a tool I use to express myself, and it allows me to keep a sense of balance and composition so my iconography occupies the picture plane with harmony.

The figures in my work are composed in a way that the expressions on their faces can be understood by the audience providing an exchange between the canvas, image, and the viewer’s quest for understanding.

Together, they create an “expressionistic-surrealistic” platform that reflects my life and emotional state.  The work’s intention is to connect with people and form a relationship that teaches us what is precious in each of our lives.

My work is an extension of my soul, a reflection of my life, and what I’m going through symbolically. Icons, like eyes and birds, are used to reassure and comfort my journey through life as they represent people that are close to me in life and in spirit.

-Matthew J. Garcia

The human body is the main focus of my work. My art has gone through many interpretations of the human figure, and it has evolved into a realistic interpretation of the body.

My artwork is based off my interest in Mixed Martial Art, or MMA, fighters because of their different attributes, unique personalities, and their variety of martial arts. All these different aspects of a fighter make them fascinating to portray in my artwork.

I used a variety of mediums to produce pieces of fighters. On the works on paper I used graphite to bring out the texture of the paper and black ink and color pencils to produce high contrast. I also used oil paint on canvas.

In the first set of fighters I used the primary and secondary colors to create a set of six fighters with three fighters on the left side and three on the opposite side. Each fighter has a different color that sets the mood in the piece and symbolizes their essence. I wrote their names in a graffiti style to add edge to the pieces.

In the second set of fighters I kept the same composition as the previous set, but with a different concept. The theme of this set was based on having a variety of international fighter. I painted their country’s flag as the background to give the viewer a modest insight into the fighters.

My artwork is influenced by the intensity and energy that a fighter emits. I appreciate the skill, the heart, and the samurai spirit of these fighters. My work represents some of the top and up-and-coming MMA fighters who own all those attributes.

-Christopher Cerda

In this series of photographs, I have created an alternate realm of reality where Cyclopes roam the Earth, often living in isolation. Unlike the strong masons depicted in mythological tales, these Cyclopes are frail, melancholy beings dealing with the unfair society which has left them secluded. The Cyclopes reveal uniqueness and unison, though they are isolated in their personal world, they truly are not alone in that they are not the only one of their kind outside of their personal realm; they are isolated yet not alone.

The Cyclopes represent the people all around us who experience being an outcast, feeling isolated and alone. It is symbolic of depression, which is stigmatized in our society, often leaving the person who is depressed feeling more hopeless and despaired. There is hope however, and people who deal with depression are not truly alone. Though they feel like they are completely lonely, there are people out there who share their emotion. We may feel isolated, but we are not alone.

-Adriana Cisneros

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