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Artist Statements:

Yareth Fernandez

I am currently a senior student at the University of Texas at Brownsville and pursuing a degree in Studio Art. My main concentration is painting; however I tend to experience other areas in art. My approach and growth in art has meaning in my artwork moving towards humanity and nature. The artwork deals with ideas of how some part of humanity has limited their minds and souls, disrespecting themselves and other creatures of the earth. Moreover, humanity has become so attached to the stereotypes of society that the soul and mind cannot function together, therefore, both get lost and the physical body is blocked. In addition, I also deal with the division and obligation reconstructing harmony in lives between nature and humanity. However; the discord and negation of humanity to control and destroy nature’s habitat has given nature no acceptance, respect nor value for what it is worth.

Luis Sanchez

When it comes to art I have one simple goal, to tell a story. Many times as I look through history books and see different works of art it seem to make more sense to me then the passage written under them. Art allows me to understand things from a visual perspective giving me an ability to think differently than with words. As a student I have learn much about the use of different materials. I often find myself working with mix media. Once an idea is born I try to find the right materials to portray the message. Coming from an energetic person, my technique portrays my persona through ruff and expressive works. Many times it is by taking abstraction and combining it with every day events. The development of my work has been through the influences of such artist as Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Frida Kahlo. Dali’s ability to take what is real and twist it around really caught my interest as a young man, as well as Picasso use of color and creative abstraction which took me to another level of thinking. Frida’s express full paintings were like journals of personal thought. There is no need to hide; art can be anything and everything. Art is creation.

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