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Luis Rodriguez-Abad

Dr. Luis Rodriguez-Abad

Dr. Luis Rodriguez-Abad
Behavioral Sciences




In the last ten years Professor Rodriguez-Abad has conducted research and written on historical sociology. Taking a long-term view of Western Civilization, he has sought explanations of present-day trends and conflicts rooted in the complex interplay of religions and philosophies since the Middle Ages. Of particular interest is the three-century period of Spain under the Umayyad dynasty when, under Islamic rule, the three monotheisms based on Hebraic writings: Muslims, Christians and Jews lived in fairly stable harmony. Lessons from that period could be used to understand inter-cultural relations in this present age of globalization.

With a historical perspective as well, Professor Rodriguez-Abad has traced the development of Spanish American societies since pre-Columbian times. In his work he searches for traits of native cultures present in the lives of contemporary peoples as they modify the extensive superimposition of European cultures, both Iberian and Anglo-Saxon.

A graduate of the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, he has taught at Hunter College of the City University of New York. A Manhattan resident for thirty years, he has lived the intense cultural life of the great American city enjoying his life-long predilections: music, art, dance, the theater and tennis. He is the author of Introducing Innovation at Ecuadorean Universities, University of Pittsburgh, 1967; Mirror of Souls, with Suzanne Lalonde. “The Baroque Imagination in Spanish American Thought,” American Philosophical Association, San Francisco, 2007; “Why Science and not Nature is Biased Against Women in Science,” with Suzanne Lalonde, International Conference on Education, Granada, Spain, 2008; “The Future of the Humanities,” with Suzanne Lalonde, New Direction in the Humanities Conference, Prato, Italy, 2005.


Ph.D., Maxwell School, Syracuse University
BA, Wheaton College, Illinois

CV/VITAE: Rodriguez-Abad Vitae

Classes Taught:

Social Inequality
Globalization and Inequality
Sociology of Religion
Hispanics in Global Society
Mexican-American Experience

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Teaching and Research

Previous Experience:

Hunter College, City university of New York
Montclair University of New Jersey
Ramapo College of New Jersey
Consulting: Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation and Faculty Research in Latin American
U.S. Department of Education, National Resource Centers for Research on Latin America

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