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Departamental Admission Requirements for Spanish Graduate Studies


Spanish MA & MAIS
With a Spanish concentration A GRE Verbal score of 400 and a GRE Analytical score of 4.0 is required. Twelve undergraduate hours in Spanish at the junior or senior level, nine of which must be in Hispanic Literature. Entry interview and written essay in Spanish. One letter from a Spanish program professor strongly recommending admission.

Entry interview
Prospective students meet with the Spanish Graduate Program Coordinator (SGPC) to discuss degree options and individual student goals for Graduate Studies. To this interview the student will need to bring supporting documentation (transcript) of their undergraduate studies, showing a minimum of 3.50 GPA in all advanced Spanish courses. At the completion of the interview a date will be set for the entry essay.

Entry written essay
The entry written essay must keep to the following requirements 1) must be written in Spanish 2) the topic will be assigned 3) must be scheduled and written at the Department of Modern Languages under a Professor’s supervision and turned into the Lead Graduate Student Advisor 4) can only be done in the first month of each semester (September or January). The entry essay will be evaluated by the Graduate Faculty Committee. The findings of the committee will be discussed with the student.

Letters of Recommendation
Three letters of recommendation are required for admission to the Spanish Graduate Program.
1 letter is to be written by a Spanish professor who has been the student’s instructor in, at least, two advanced Spanish courses. The student must have received an A in one course and, at least, a grade of B in the other course
1 letter is to be written by a Spanish professor who has been the student’s instructor in, at least, two advanced Spanish courses.
1 letter is to be written by a faculty member outside of the Department of Modern Languages with whom the student has taken a course (of preference, upper division courses 3000-4000 level).

Letter of Recommendation Form Process:
Students will be provided with a letter of recommendation form to give to each respective faculty member from whom they are requesting a recommendation
Students are NOT to be present when the form and letter of recommendation is being written.
Letters of recommendation are to be placed in a sealed envelope with the faculty members signature across the seal
Faculty members are to have the letter of recommendation delivered to the Spanish Graduate Faculty Coordinator in CHS 273 or to the Department of Modern Languages office in CHS 288.
Letters of recommendation will NOT be accepted if turned in by student.

Graduate Record Examinations (GRE)
Must be taken within the first semester of graduate study.For more information regarding the GRE please visit the following website:

Filing Program of Study (POS)
Before filing can be done the student MUST have all required materials i.e., letter of recommendation, entry interview, entry written essay, GRE, GPA. Filing of POS must be completed with the Lead Graduate Student Advisor.

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