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french language and translation minor

The Bachelor of Arts degree with a Minor in French Language and Translation requires from 18 to 21 hours in French, 9 of which must be upper division. Students with high school credits in French could be “tested out” or waived from taking either a semester or two semesters of French. Students with no previous knowledge of French are required to complete 21 hours (12 lower division, 9 upper division) for the minor in French Language and Translation.

FRE 1311, FRE 1312, FRE 2311, FRE 2312, FRE 2612: Grammar Classes Mandatory
FRE 3330, FRE 4330—Translation Classes—One Class Mandatory
FRE 3337—Grammar and Composition—Class Mandatory
FRE 4335—Topics in French Language, Culture, and Translation:
“French-Spanish Culture”; “French Culture and Civilization”; “The French Modern
Short Story”; “Existentialism & the 20th Century French Novel”; “Psychoanalytic
Theory and French Literary Heroines”; “The French Enlightenment”; “French-
Spanish Translation” (can be taken three times as subject changes).

Why Study French?
• In an increasingly global economy, knowledge of French may help in any career.
• If you are in an education profession, a French minor could expand your teaching
• Studying French offers an encounter with a myriad of artistic, literary, and philosophical
treasures that may expand the mind.
• Study abroad opportunities available—Paris, Summer and Semester at the Sorbonne:

For further information about the Minor or Study Abroad opportunities, contact:
Dr. Suzanne LaLonde, Assistant Professor of French in the Department of Modern Languages
and Director of UTB’s Study Abroad Program--S251 (882-8891).

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