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master OF arts in interdisciplinary studies


The Master in Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies offers the natural academic path within UTB for the acquisition of advanced translation and interpreting skills at a graduate level. (General details available in the Graduate Catalog).

The M.A.I.S. degree requires a total of 36 semester hours of graduate credit. An area of concentration must have at least 12 and no more than 18 semester hours in the subject area. At least six hours in the area of concentration must be in upper-level (6000) graduate work. In addition, 18-24 hours must be taken in two or more supporting fields outside the area of concentration.

Translation courses are offered from several prospectives including surveys of Translation Theory, intensive practice of Literary Translation, Technical Translation, Translation and Publishing, among others. Courses are designed for the acquisition of advanced translation capabilities within highly professionalized standards.

Several interpreting courses provide advanced training for consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. Those who complete a number of courses are thoroughly prepared for the professional practice of interpreting, either as free-lancers, in-house corporate interpreters or in government-related activities.

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