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about the GUSTO program


The GUSTO Program consists of 12 graduate-level courses in a number of fields and sub-fields within the discipline of Spanish Translation and Interpreting. Its modular structure, based on bi-weekly units for a 15-week long semester or on weekly units for summer or intensive formats, allows courses to be taught on a stand-alone basis or in an integrated way, avoiding overlaps and, at the same time, ensuring self-sufficiency for isolated offerings.


The program articulates a number of foundation courses (translation workshops, consecutive interpreting) and gears students up towards areas of specialization such as legal translation, medical interpreting or literary translation, additionally covering other areas of professional relevance such as translation technologies, dubbing and subtitling, video game translation or simultaneous interpreting. A theory and research track is also available for students interested in further academic endeavors.

Course contents are mostly written in Spanish, making it ideal both for heritage students, native speakers of Spanish and non-native speakers with superior written and oral skills in the language. Students are assumed to have a near-native command of both languages and also a certain degree of professional or academic familiarity with the practice of translation or interpreting.

  • GUSTO Program The courses in the GUSTO Program are designed for an organic or stand-alone implementation of online courses accessible to students anytime, anywhere.
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