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Way Cool Keyboarding for Kids. Ages 7 -11. 55 minutes once a week for 13 weeks plus recital.

This new piano program was developed for the beginning piano student. In this first experience playing and enjoying the piano, the student will learn how to read music, enjoy playing chords charts in contemporary styles, discover joy in playing duets and ensembles as they make music with others, explore improvisation and the fun of creating their own styles, and more!

Way Cool Keyboarding for Teens. Ages 11- 18.  55 minuteds once a week for 13 weeks plus recital.

This program was designed specifically for Teens and Pre-teens with music that is fun and interesting, with accompaniments that "rock"! Children hang out and make music together, while learning to read music, improvise and play from chord charts. This class prepares teenagers for joining piano programs, or  for bands, praise and worship bands and other popular ensembles.



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