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The affiliated music faculty members and their areas of specialization include: 1

  1. Dr. Susan Hurley-Glowa, Assistant Professor of Music in Ethnomusicology, and Horn.  Susan Hurley-Glowa is an ethnomusicologist who focuses on Lusophone cultures. She has published numerous articles and a documentary film on her research specialty, music of the Cape Verde Islands (W. Africa), and has started new research on Banda music in the Rio Grande Valley.
  2. Dr. Juan Pablo Andrade, Assistant Professor of Music in Piano and Director of the Music Academy; internationally acclaimed pianist from Costa Rica, a specialist of piano art music by Central American composers.
  3. Antonio Briseño, Associate Professor of Music; Director of award-winning Mariachi Program and Coordinator of the Mariachi certificate.
  4. Allen Clark, Associate Professor of Music and Director of Instrumental Activities; Nationally recognized conductor of the Rio Brava Wind Ensemble and directs the award winning instrumental program with expertise in performing and teaching the art of the “Paso Doble” as well as other Hispanic Influenced music including the Pre-Aztec influenced and Pre-Mayan influenced repertoire.
  5. Dr. Stephen Shoop, Assistant Professor of Music. Music Education & Tuba. Graduate Studies Coordinator.  Conductor of the UTB Jazz Band and Co-Conductor of the Rio Brava Wind Ensemble.
  6. Dr. Daniel Hunter-Holly, Assistant Professor of Music in Voice; Coordinates the award –winning vocal program and consultant for the Bravo Opera Company, specialist in Art Song with research and performance interests in the classic traditions of the Zarzuela, sung theater
  7. Dr. Carol McNabb-Goodwin,  Professor of Music in Double Reeds; expert on the Renaissance period instrumental music by Hispanic composers.
  8. Dr. Tom Nevill, Department of Music Chair, Associate Professor of Music in Percussion; performs with the Chaac Tunkul, an internationally recognized Pre-Hispanic performance ensemble with an expertise in the construction of Pre-Columbian percussion instruments; conducts the UTB Marimalacrán that performs on Mexican folk marimbas and features the music of Chiapas and Guatemala; founded and directs the UTB Department of Music community outreach group, the Brownsville Samba School, which performs samba music of Brazil.
  9. Martha Placeres Master Technical Instructor of Music in Violin & Viola; Director of the Symphony Orchestra, String Orchestra and Coordinator of the String Program; a native of Puebla, Mexico,
    with extensive study and research into the art music of Mexican composers; also performs with the faculty string quartet that specializes in the art music by Mexican composers.
  10. Dr. Michael Quantz, Associate Chair and Professor of Music in Guitar; Coordinates the guitar program and performs extensive repertoire from Argentinean, Cuban, Spanish, and Mexican art music. Teaches Graduate Studies in Hispanic Art Music.
  11. Carol Sachs,  Lecturer of Music in Opera and Voice; Artistic Director of the Bravo Opera Company with performance interests in the classic traditions of the Zarzuela, sung theater with spoken dialogue first performed in the 17th century Spanish courts
  12. Terry Tomlin, Adjunct Professor of Music in Jazz and Saxophone; coordinator of the nationally recognized Jazz Program with expertise in the performance of Latin jazz; performs with the UTB Faculty Jazz Quintet
  13. Richard Urbis, Professor of Music in Piano, Artistic Director of Patron of the Arts; Internationally renowned pianist with extensive research and performance of music by composers influenced by the music of the Basque area, Portugal, Spain, Cuba, and Mexico.
  14. The affiliated history faculty members and their areas of specialization include

  15. Dr. Philip Samponaro, Assistant Professor of History; Dr. Phil Samponaro is an Assistant Professor of 20th century U.S. social and cultural history. His teaching fields include the histories of 20th century popular culture, post-1945 civil rights, Latino/a and Puerto Rican migrations to the United States, as well as the history of modern Latin America and 20th century labor history of the Americas. Samponaro is interested in transnational cultural patterns in the Americas over the course of the past century. He enjoys particularly researching the histories and corresponding migrations of a variety of Latin American and Caribbean music ranging from urban reggaetón to Puerto Rican música jibara, Colombian vallenato, and, locally, Tejano and norteño styles. Samponaro is sponsor of the Phi Alpha Theta history honor society at UTB, co-advisor of another student organization, and the author of several articles, multiple book reviews and a forthcoming study of the 20th century clock and watch industry in Connecticut.

The affiliated music faculty members that work collaboratively on performances for the annual Hispanic Heritage Concerts.

  1. Dr. Cristina Ballatori, Assistant Professor of Music in Flute; flautist
  2. Dr. Jonathan Guist, Associate Professor of Music in Clarinet; clarinetist
  3. Dr. Kenneth Saxon, Associate Professor of Music in Piano; collaborative pianist
  4. Dr. Sue Zanne Williamson Urbis, Professor of Music Education; collaborative pianist
  5. Dr. Art Brownlow, Professor of Music in Trumpet; Music History
  6. Dr. Susan de Ghizé, Assistant Professor of Music Theory, collaborative pianist
  7. Nicole Asel, Assistant Professor of Voice; Bravo Opera
  8. Geeseman, Katherine, Assistant Professor of Cello & String Bass

The Music Department website is currently being re-designed. The Center of Excellence for Latin American and Iberian Music will have links to updated biographies of affiliated faculty members that explicitly mention their connections with Latin American music.

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