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  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • College/University


  • Duo
  • Trio
  • Quartet
  • Large Ensemble (five or more players)


  • Elementary: Ages 6-13; 5-10 minute program in all categories
  • Middle School: Ages up to 14; 5-10 minute program
  • High School: Ages up to 19; 10-15 minute program
  • College/University: No age requirements; 10-20 minute program


Performances given by participating guitar ensembles will be judged by a panel of accomplished instrumental artists on the basis of ensemble execution and the expressive impact of the group’s performance. Special recognition may be given to ensembles based on consensus of the judges.

Ensembles in each level and category (there is no cross-level competition) vie for rating awards of first, second or third place in each category. (Sorry, there is no prize money.)


  • Each school is limited to THREE ensembles. If a school encompasses multiple levels (elementary, middle, high school), then up to six ensembles may be permitted. But no more than THREE ensembles may be from a single academic level.
  • Repertoire (any style) should be of appropriate length depending on the category. (See time limits above.)
  • All players must play on acoustic nylon-string guitars. No electric instruments are allowed for the competition. Acoustic-bass guitars are permissible, as are smaller-size nylon-string guitars.
  • The registration fee for all members and the director must be paid.
  • If directors play with the student ensemble, there will be a deduction in the scoring by the judges.
  • Only one player may be substituted per group during a single judged performance; that is, one member only of the group may be swapped during the group’s program.
  • The total time on stage will be strictly adhered to, and the groups will be stopped at the maximum-time limit for each division's performance.


Note: Low-profile music stands are available on-site for ensemble use during the competition.

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