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What is Finance?

Finance is a subject dealing with the allocation and management of financial resources. A degree in finance prepares graduates for rewarding careers at corporations, brokerage firms, banks, credit unions, mutual funds, pension funds, insurance companies, and financial planning companies

How to succeed in Finance?

The subject matter of Finance tends to be quantitative in nature. Therefore, superior mathematical skills are an asset. Good communication and presentation skills are also highly valued in the Finance profession. An empathic disposition and people skills are especially important in the area of personal financial management, the rendering of financial advice to individual investors.

Career Opportunities in Finance?

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) job outlook for 2012, the top bachelor’s degree in demand by employers is Finance (61.3% of firms surveyed by NACE reported they would be hiring finance graduates in 2012). Indeed, nearly three-quarters of the firms surveyed by NACE reporting they would be hiring Business majors said they would be looking for Finance graduates. So the job market for Finance majors is very favorable.

According to NACE, the average starting salary of Finance graduates was $51,503 in 2011. As of December 2011, most financial analysts with less than one year of experience earned between $32,514 and $62,269 according to The salary range within their first year for financial managers was $23,270 – $97,940. This range was $24,279 – $65,290 for financial advisors.

According to a survey of UTB graduates, new graduates in Finance, earning $31,734 a year, are the best paid of all the majors in the School of Business.

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