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The College of Education’s Center for Educational Development and Innovation generated impressive growth in extramural support during the last five years. Total external funding achieved totals $17,731,315. There are currently 13 active projects totaling $5.5 million, 17 new grant proposal submissions pending award in 2011 totaling $14.7 million, and 3 new grant proposals being developed totaling $1.1 million. This continuing success is a tribute to the creativity and innovative ideas of the faculty and the COE supporting system to develop and process research and instructional grants. The Center has been awarded $256,000 to prepare (74) K-12 Teachers for the Master Technology Teacher (MTT) State Certification. The project director is Dr. Janice Butler. This initiative is part of the Connections Grant awarded to Donna ISD by The Texas Education Agency in the amount of $850,000. The overall purpose of the Connections Grant is to establish campuses within their district that will serve as statewide technology demonstration sites – models for the exemplary use of digital content, interactive media, and educational technology for increased student learning.

The Center has submitted a proposal to study entitled “An Integrated Approach to the Treatment of Depressive Symptoms and Obesity among Mexican-American Female Students at UTB/TSC” to the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health. The project amount is $17,500 for a one-year period, with Dr. James Jackson serving as principal investigator. This study would provide a foundation for continued collaborative research integrating mental health, physical health and health education services in treating depression and obesity among the Rio Grande Mexican-American population.
January 2011

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