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New Scholarly Book on Research in Science and Technology by Miguel Angel Escotet

The book, entitled The Scientific Activity in the University, has been made available in January of 2011 and was published by the University of Palermo and the UNESCO and United Nations University Books Series on Higher Education, which also includes other titles on theory, philosophy, history, innovation and best practices of higher education in the world.

The book is the result of an extensive research project directed by Miguel Angel Escotet, our Dean of Education, with the collaboration of Martín Aiello and Victoria Sheepshanks. It focuses on the exploratory analysis of the system of science and technology in Latin American universities, with emphasis in its development within the Argentinean institutions of Higher Education. The main objective of this study was to provide a guide to promote a better insertion of research activities in the Latin American universities and contribute to the education of their researchers.

The book covers areas of scientific and technological research productivity, comparative analysis between universities in Latin America, research investment and expenditure, research and innovation, and research training. The scholarly book also aims to stress the importance of adhering to ethical norms in research within the university, considering the importance of higher education institutions for the creation and dissemination of knowledge.

The bibliographical reference of the book is:
Escotet, M. A., Aiello, M. and Sheepshanks, V. (2010) La Actividad Científica en la Universidad [The Scientific Activity in The University]. Buenos Aires: Editorial de la Universidad de Palermo and UNESCO & United Nations University Chair on History and Future of the University, 2010. 240 pages. ISBN: 9789871716197
You can download the Table of Contents by clicking here.
January 2011

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