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The Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation of the UTB/TSC College of Education has been awarded $1.6 Million for Mathematics and Science Education


The Dean for the College of Education, Dr. Miguel Angel Escotet, has received notice from the National Science Foundation and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board that The Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation from The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College has been awarded 1.6 million dollars for Mathematics and Science Education. Over seventy-five (75) scholarships, throughout a five year period, will be awarded and will provide for tuition, fees, books, laptops, travel, room and board, and stipends to undergraduate and graduate students. The Principal Investigator(s) consist of Drs. Reynaldo Ramirez, Jr., Jerzy K. Mogiliski, Eli E. Pena, Phil Dukes, and Carmen Garcia Caceres. The 1.6 million are divided in two grants for Math and Science Education Teacher preparation: $900,000 for support of the project entitled “Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program Phase I, Track 1” from the National Science Foundation; and the second grant “Mathematics, Science, and Technology Teacher Preparation Academy” from Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board in the amount of $700,000 and it shall expire May 31, 2011. These grants will provide much-needed scholarship support for our undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing credentials in math and science education. (August 2009)

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