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American College of Sports Medicine Annual Conference


Dr. Murat Karabulut, from the Health and Human Performance Department, wanted to share some great news about the abstracts submitted for presentations at one of the biggest and well-respected conference in the field of Exercise Science. Here are the author names and the titles of the abstracts accepted for presentation at the conference and publication in the Journal of Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise. Some of the authors were undergraduate students when the abstracts were submitted. This is a big accomplishment for the department of Health and Human Performance. Dr. Karabulut will make sure that they represent UTB well.

• Lesly Flores, Sonio D. Garcia, Benjamin Alaniz, Guillermo Perez, Murat Karabulut. Influences of vascular restriction on the obese female substrate utilization.
• Joe-Angel Lopez, Guillermo E. Perez, Murat Karabulut. Lactate Concentration Response to Knee Extension Exercise with Various Initial Restrictive Pressures in Females.
• Guillermo E. Perez, Joe Angel Lopez, Murat Karabulut. Gender Comparisons of the Electromyographic Responses to Knee Extension Exercises with Different Initial Restriction Pressures.
• Sonio D. Garcia, Lesly Flores, Benjamin Alaniz, Jose A. Leal Jr., Charity Cavazos, Murat Karabulut. Influences of blood flow restriction exercise on the obese cardiovascular system.
• Charity Cavazos, Sonio D. Garcia, Jose A. Leal Jr., Bruno Amaral, Murat Karabulut. The Effects of Aerobic Exercise with Blood Flow Restriction on Cardiovascular Parameters in Athlete vs. Non-Athlete Females.
• Murat Karabulut, Jose A. Leal Jr., Sonio D. Garcia, Charity Cavazos, Yoshiaki Sato, Michael G. Bemben. Effects of Leg Composition on Electromyography Activity during Exercise with Different Initial Restrictive Pressures.

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