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Lifelong Learning Programs

Continuing Education

EDUC 1301 Introduction to the Teaching Profession
EDUC 2301 Introduction to Special Programs
EDCI 4322 Human Development & Instruction
EDCI 4324 Designing and Instruction Assessment to Designing
EDCI 4325 Implementing Responsive Instruction & Assessment
EDCI 6300 Introduction to Research
EDEC 4385 Growth and Development of Young
EDSL 4306 Content Area ESL
EDSL 4307 Foundations of ESL
EDSL 4389 The Environment and Early Childhood
EDLR 6386 Pupil Personnel Services
COUN 6313 Introduction to Counseling
SPED 6306 Selected Topics in SPED
KINE 1164 Lifetime Fitness
EDLR 6337 Administration of Special Instruction Program

Workforce Training and Continuing Education

Online Graduate Programs

M.Ed. in Educational Technology


Online Graduate Courses

BILC 6361 Issues in Bilingual and E.S.L Education
EDCI 6300 Intro to Research
EDCI 6304 Learning and Cognition
EDCI 6301 Instructional Technology in Teaching
EDCI 6324 Language Acquisition and Implications for Teaching
EDCI 6334 Curriculum Development – Problems and Processes
EDCI 6336 Problems in Education: International Technology Issues
EDCI 6390 Research Methods in Education
EDTC 6320 Educational Technology
EDTC 6321 Instructional Design
EDTC 6323 Multimedia/Hypermedia
EDTC 6325 Educational Telecommunications
EDTC 6329 Selected Topics in Educational Technology
EDTC 6332 Practicum in Educational Technology
EDTC 6340 Applications of Advanced Technologies in the Pk-12 Classroom
EDTC 6341 Student-Centered Learning Using Technology
EDTC 6342 Technology Leadership
EDTC 6343 Master Teacher of Technology Practicum
EDTC 6351 Web-Based Multimedia in Instruction
EDTC 6358 Theory and Practice of e-Learning

Online Undergraduate Courses

EDLI 3329 Literacy & Assessment
EDTC 3310 Introduction to Educational Technology
EDTC 3320 Instructional Design for Co Trainer
EDTC 3321 Computer/Web-Based Training
EDTC 3323 Computer/Web-Based Training
EDTC 3325 Computer Mediated Communication and Collaboration
EDTC 3332 Application of Instructional Technology
EDUC 1301 Introduction to the Teaching Profession
EDUCU 2303 Technology in Education
HLTHU 2320 Personal Health
SPED 4386 Modifications Inclusive Settings

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