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Yvonne Freeman, Ph.D.

Y. Freeman 

Yvonne Freeman, Ph.D
Professor Emeritus
Department of Language, Literacy,
and Intercultural Studies


Dr. Yvonne Freeman is a Professor Emeritus of Bilingual Education at the University of Texas at Brownsville. She is interested in bilingual education, second language acquisition, and literacy education for English learners. She presents regularly at international, national, and state conferences-including NABE (National Association of Bilingual Education), TABE (Texas Association of Bilingual Education), NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English), IRA (International Reading Association), and TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) and gives featured and keynote presentations across the country. In 1994-95 she spent a year in Mérida, Venezuela, at the Universidad de Los Andes as a Fulbright scholar. In the summer of 1997 she worked with bilingual teachers in Argentina and Uruguay. She has also taught courses in Spain and Lithuania.

In 2006 she traveled to Baharain where she and her husband keynoted at the TARA conference which is an International Reading Association conference in the Middle East and to Toronto to keynote a conference for teachers of English as a second language. In the fall of 2006 the Freemans keynoted the Southeast Regional TESOL conference. The Freemans traveled to Sweden in the spring of 2007 as invited speakers for an international conference on teaching English learners and keynoted at the Florida TESOL conference. 
 In the fall of 2007 they keynoted the California Migrant Conference in Los Angeles. 
In 2008 in addition to other speaking engagements, the Freemans keynoted for Atlanta Public Schools in the spring and keynoted again for the Southeast TESOL conference in Burmingham, Alabama, as well as keynoting for a small ELL conference in Chicago in the fall.

In the Spring of 2009, the Freemans keynoted the first ESL symposium for the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. In May of 2009, the Freemans traveled to Jakarta, Indonesia, to work with a consortium of dual language schools where they presented to over 600 teachers, parents, and community leaders. During the summer of 2009, the Freeman spoke at an ESL conference for Brighnam Young University in Provo, Utah, at Northern Illinois University, and at the New Jersey Summer Reading Conference. In the fall of 2009 the Freemans spoke in Tucson, Arizona, for a local TAWL (Teachers Applying Whole Language Conference) and keynoted the North Carolina Hispanic Achievement Conference 2009 “Crossing the Bridge Together.”

Yvonne Freeman has published articles and book chapters jointly with her husband and separately on the topics of second language teaching, biliteracy, bilingual education, Spanish children’s literature, and second language acquisition. The Freeman’s newest book is Academic Language for English Language Learners and Struggling Readers (Heinemann, 2009). Other recent books are English Language Learners: The Essential Guide, published (Scholastic, 2007), and a book they edited, Diverse Learners in the Mainstream Classroom (Heinemann, 2008). Other Heinemann books by the Freemans include the second edition of Teaching Reading and Writing in Spanish and English in Bilingual and Dual Language Classrooms (Heinemann,2008) and the translation of this book, La enseñanza de la lectura y la escritura en salones bilingües y de doble imersión (Heinemann, 2009), Dual Language Essentials for Teachers and Administrators (2005), Essential Linguistics: What You Need to Know to Teach Reading, ESL, Spelling, Phonics, and Grammar (2004); Closing the Achievement Gap: How to Reach Limited Formal Schooling and Long-Term English Learners (2002), the second edition of Between Worlds: Access to Second Language Acquisition (2001), which received the Mildenberger Award from the Modern Language Association for outstanding research in the field of foreign and second language teaching, Teaching Reading in Multilingual Classrooms (2000), and ESL/EFL Teaching: Principles for Success (1998) . These books can be found at (

In addition, to their other publications, the Freemans are lead authors of Rigby’s new ESL program, On Our Way to English are part of the author team for Rigby’s new Rigby Literacy program, Literacy by Design. 
They have also recently authored a new Rigby product , STEEL (Strategic Teaching Essentials for English Learners), a professional development program for teachers to support their teaching of ELLs.

Yvonne Freeman, Ph.D.


Bilingual education, econd language acquisition, and literacy education for English learners


Selected Articles and Chapters by the Freemans:

Selected Articles and Chapters by the Freemans:

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