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Faculty Vitas

Department of Educational Psychology Leadership Studies

Dr. Olivia Rivas, Chair and Professor
Dr. Chuey Abrego, Associate Professor
Dr. Michelle Abrego, Associate Professor (phased out)
Ms. Mozelle Barron, Lecturer 
Dr. Andres N. Vallado, Associate Professor (phased out)
Dr. Juan O. Garcia, Lecturer
Dr. Alejandro Garcia, Assistant Professor
Dr. Lionel J. Cavazos, Assistant Professor
Dr. Eunice Lerma, Assistant Professor
Dr. Jaime H. Garcia, Assistant Professor
Dr. Ana L. Rodriguez-Garcia, Assistant Professor
Dr. Karin Ann Lewis, Assistant Professor
Dr. Steven Chamberlain, Associate Professor
Dr. Mary G. Curtis, Associate Professor
Dr. Terry Overton, Professor
Dr. Hsuying Ward, Assistant Professor

Department of Health and Human Performance

Dr. Zelma D. Mata, Chair & Associate Professor
Dr. Gayle L. Brogdon, Associate Dean & Assoc. Prof.
Dr. Phillip Conatser, Associate Professor
Dr. Eric James, Assistant Professor
Dr. Murat Karabulut, Assistant Professor
Dr. Christopher Ledingham, Associate Professor
Mr. Gonzalo Garza, Lecturer

Department of Language, Literacy and Intercultural Studies

Dr. Sandra Mercuri, Chair & Associate Professor
Dr. Miguel Ángel Escotet, Dean & Professor
Dr. Kip Austin Hinton, Assistant Professor
Dr. Sandra Musanti, Assistant Professor
Dr. Brendan H. O’Connor, Assistant Professor
Dr. Alma D. Rodriguez, Associate Professor
Dr. Graciela P. Rosenberg, Professor (phased retirement)
Dr. Kathy Bussert-Webb, Professor
Dr. Lori Ann Wells, Lecturer

Department of Teaching, Learning and Innovation

Dr. Reynaldo Ramirez, Jr. Chair & Associate Professor
Dr. Janice Butler, Associate Professor
Dr. Carmen Garcia-Caceres, Lecturer 
Dr. Maria Elena Corbeil, Associate Professor
Dr. Joseph Rene Corbeil, Associate Professor
Dr. Peter B. Gawenda, Coordinator of Doctoral Program & Associate Professor
Dr. Irma S. Jones, Professor 
Dr. Cheng Chang “Sam” Pan, Associate Professor 
Dr. Laura Jewett, Assistant Professor 
Dr. Ming-Tsan “Pierre” Lu, Assistant Professor 
Dr. Bobbette Morgan, Professor
Dr. Zhidong Zhang, Assistant Professor
Dr. Ignacio Rodriguez, Lecturer
Dr. James Telese, Professor 
Dr. Maria Eugenia Diaz, Assistant Professor
Dr. Gregorio Garcia, Assistant Professor
Dr. Georgianna Duarte, Professor
Dr. Vejoya Viren, Associate Professor 
Dr. Janet Martinez, Lecturer
Ms. Sonja Varbelow, Lecturer
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