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EDCI 6300 Introduction to Research

The course is an introduction to research methodology in education. It focuses on the relationship between research problem, questions and design and introduces students to techniques for collecting and analyzing research data. The course emphasis is on writing an analysis and synthesis of research methodology and findings in empirical articles. Lec 3, Cr 3

EDCI 6302 Practitioner Research

This course is an introduction to Practitioner Research, with an emphasis on the teacher as a researcher and on reflective teaching and teaching as decision-making. This is a field-based course. Lec 3, Cr 3

EDCI 6304 Learning and Cognition

This critical course focuses on topics, theories, and models of cognitive research and their implications for instructional practice and curriculum restructuring and design. This is a field-based course. Lec 3, Cr 3

EDCI 6330 The Curriculum in the Elementary School

This course focuses on the theory and factors that shape the elementary school curriculum. The course will also examine the organization and content of curriculum subjects and the trends, issues and new developments in the field. Lec 3, Cr 3

EDCI 6331 The Curriculum in the Secondary School

This course examines the theory and the background of the curriculum in the senior high and middle schools in the U.S. It includes an examination of curriculum in the disciplines and curriculum organization and an analysis of trends, issues, and innovations in the field. Lec 3, Cr 3

EDCI 6334 Curriculum Development - Problems and Processes

This course examines approaches in developing, implementing, and evaluating elementary and secondary school curricula. Principles and practices in the use and production of curriculum frameworks, guides, textbooks and other curriculum materials will be included. Lec 3, Cr 3

EDCI 6367 Statistical Methods

Content of this course includes central tendency; variance; normal, T, chi square, and F distributions; bivariate correlation and regression analysis, T test between means, goodness of fit and test of independence chi square; oneway and factorial ANOVA. Emphasis is on hypothesis testing; Type I and II errors; and understanding statistical significance. Lec 3, Cr 3

EDCI 7300/7301 Thesis


EDLI 6310 Beginning and Developing Literacy

Participants will learn about the developmental nature of literacy including factors that may affect it, such as the learning environment and parental involvement. Participants must learn to implement research based instructional strategies that address all the elements of a beginning and developing literacy program according to state standards. Lec. 3, Cr. 3

EDLI 6320 Adolescent Literacy Instruction

Participants learn strategies to address the diverse literacy needs of adolescents across all content areas according to state standards. Issues and characteristics of the adolescent reader are addressed. Lec. 3, Cr. 3

EDLI 6330 Literacy Issues and Instruction for Special Populations

This course addresses issues and instruction for English language learners, students with literacy difficulties (including dyslexia), and students of all backgrounds according to state standards. Participants will explore ways to ensure that all learners receive equitable instruction. Lec. 3, Cr. 3

EDLI 6360 Assessment Issues and Practice in Literacy

The content focuses on current trends and issues in assessment practices along with the role it plays in guiding instruction. Participants learn to assess all areas of literacy including: emergent and developing literacy, spelling, writing, oral language, comprehension, use of study strategies, viewing listening and speaking. Lec. 3, Cr. 3

EDLI 6380 Practicum in Literacy Leadership

The course focuses on differentiated development in literacy, goal setting, and reflective practices in schools and programs that serve English language learners. Policy and research in organizational change, motivating and leading adult learners, and parent and community involvement will be explored. Prerequisite: EDLI 6301 or taken concurrently. Lec. 3, Cr. 3.

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