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Dear Committee Members,

As you recall, we decided in our January meeting to use this “FIRST Technical Challenge” robotics competition as our major recruitment project for our college this year. As Event Manager, I made a presentation to the college Chairs, at the request of the Dean, I encouraged participation from every department in our college, as the Dean has asked. I am happy to report that most departments have been very supportive.

We have been working very diligently to recruit the teams and make all arrangements for this recruitment event, without asking you to do much. But we are in need of support from everyone as the event draws nearer. Only four of our committee members were present at our last meeting, April 13.

We have found people to build the field elements, we have secured all the needed judges, we have purchased all of the required materials, and we have arranged for all the spaces needed. However, we still need volunteers for many important tasks. Please see the list below and send us the names of any faculty or UTB students who you can secure for us in any of these roles. All volunteers (other than judges) will be required to attend a breakfast training meeting on Saturday, April 30, at the ITEC. Tasks will be assigned and orientation to our event will be presented. The event day will see all volunteers arriving at 7am for breakfast, on duty at 7:30am. We expect the award ceremony to end before 6pm.

Please look at these needed tasks and send us the names/contact information/suggested roles for volunteers as soon as possible. Every department should contribute. Clubs?

Field Assembly and Disassembly- assist with the put-up (Friday, May 6 afternoon)and take-down of the playing field
Field Reset and Repair- prepare the playing fields and practice fields for the next match. Includes placing and repairing elements
Referees- assure that the games are played by the rules
Disc Jockey– prepare recorded music and play age-appropriate misic throughout the day to keep energy up
Judges’ assistants- use a stopwatch to help judges stay on time; run errands for judges
Robot Hardware/Software Inspectors- serves as part of a technical team that insures that all robots conform to the tournament’s rules and can be operated safely on the playing fields
Scorekeeping/Field Control- manages and operates the scoring and field control systems
Team Queuing- assures that the matches run on time, by maintaining a queue of upcoming teams
Team Registration Table Attendants- check the teams in and facilitates the spread of information to the teams and guests (includes Welcome/Information table, media/VIP table, Volunteer Registration table, and Team Registration table)
Volunteer Registration Table Attendants- check the volunteers in and provides them with packets of information.

Please contact Mary Jane Shands to volunteer at ext. 7333 or by email to Faculty/staff/student clubs are encouraged to assist as well.




Created at 5/6/2011 3:11 PM by Raymundo Garza
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