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The next college seminar will be a presentation with Stanko R. Brankovic, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department University of Houston, with a lecture titled
Electrochemical Synthesis of Magnetic Materials and Nanostructures for Energy Conversion and Magnetic Recording Application

In last two decades the interest in electrochemistry based research has gone through a period of renaissance. Many electrochemical processes were proven to be the enabling and cost effective fabrication routes in high-tech enterprise. Recent trends indicate that electrochemical processes are often "the only ones" to deliver functional structures and materials with desired properties. The electrochemical science is becoming a growing part of contemporary scientific disciplines where the word "nano” is frequently used as a prefix.
The first part of the talk will discuss the role that additives have in controlling the properties of electrodeposited soft magnetic films used in energy conversion devices. The functional relation between concentration of organic additives in solution and their incorporation into magnetic deposit/alloys is described. Magnetic, electrical, mechanical and corrosion properties of soft magnetic films are studied as a function of additive content in the solution. The significance of additive design for post-deposition treatment of soft magnetic films is discussed emphasizing their importance for ultimate application of electrodeposited films and nanostructures.
The second part of the talk reveals a new class of materials for magnetic sensors application. At the reduced dimensions (nanocontacts <100 nm), the electrodeposited ferromagnetic metal – oxide/hydroxide materials exhibit an extremely large values of magnetoresistance (DR/R>1000%). The synthesis of these materials will be described in detail with vertically integrated fabrication scheme for prototype magnetic field sensor devices. Preliminary data from nano-contact magnetic field sensor device testing will be presented opening time for Q/A.
Dr. Brankovic obtained B.E. in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (1994, Univ. of Belgrade) and Ph.D. in Science and Engineering of Materials (1999, Arizona State Univ.). Before joining University of Houston (2005), he spent two years at Brookhaven National Laboratory (1999-2001) and four years at Seagate Research Center in Pittsburgh (2001-2005). In recent years, Dr. Brankovic’s research work has been acknowledged by Cullen College of Engineering Faculty Research Excellence Award (2009), University of Houston Research and Teaching Excellence Award (2010), and NSF Faculty Early Career Development Award (2010). More information about Dr. Brankovic's research group is available at:
Faculty and students are invited to attend.
Date: Tuesday, February 7, 2011
Time: 3:00 p.m.
Location: SETB 2.336




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