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Stem degrees with teacher certification

DEGREES                                        TEACHER CERTIFICATION
B.S. in Biology                                 4–8 Grade Teaching
                                                     8–12 Grade Teaching
B.S. in Chemistry                             8–12 Grade Teaching
B.S. in Environmental Sciences         8–12 Grade Teaching
B.S. in Mathematics                         4–8 Grade Teaching
                                                     8–12 Grade Teaching

Check out teaching as a career option

Contact us to discuss and consequently enroll in two recruitment courses, the Step 1 and Step 2 courses, at no cost to you. The Step 1 class allows you to teach mathematics or science lessons in local elementary classrooms and obtain first-hand experience with planning and implementing inquiry-based curriculum. In our Step 2 course, lesson planning skills are developed and focus on characteristics of excellent science curriculum, aligning instruction with state and district standards, and the appropriate use of preand post-assessments. You will teach these lessons in local middle school mathematics or science classrooms. Step 1 and Step 2 courses can help you decide whether to pursue teacher certification through the UTeach Brownsville program.

  • ScienceScience Teacher Certification
  • MathMath Teacher Certification
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