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Andres’ thesis project utilizes acoustic telemetry to examine fish movements and habitat use on the Texas Clipper off the coast of South Padre Island and the Port Mansfield artificial reef site. Diving at both sites and equipped with underwater fishing poles, several red snapper and grouper will be caught. The fish will be surgically implanted with an acoustic transmitter and Floyd dart tag at 60 ft underwater. Placement of underwater acoustic receivers at each site will allow for monitoring of these tags to provide residency time and species abundance measures to correlate habitat use within the artificial reef. With the addition of the Floyd dart tags, a mark-recapture study will provide supporting evidence regarding site fidelity and movement of red snapper and grouper on local and broad scale spectrums as dart tags will be reported to TPWD after fish are captured. As both sites are part of the Texas Artificial Reef Program, the Port Mansfield site however, is one of the newest additions that will allow this study to compare between a newly created reef to a relatively established artificial reef. After data analysis, a report well be presented to TPWD to show if our artificial reef are benefiting positive impacting the red snapper and grouper fishier. 

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