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Troy McWhorter

Troy’s thesis project entitled ‘Assessing the Swash Zone Macrobenthic Community Response to a Beach Renourishment Episode on South Padre Island, Texas’ examines how beach renourishment, the process of taking sand and sediment from one location and pumping it into another area to ease erosion and create more coastline, affected nearshore (swash zone) macroinvertebrate assemblages which include mollusks, polychaete worms, and crustaceans. The study was designed from a before and after paradigm that included comparisons to two adjacent references sites.  The response was measured in terms of species abundances and biomass and corresponding grain size and physiochemical components of sediments. Troy was additionally part of the student team that worked to determine the rehabilitation status of the Bahia Grande restoration site and as a member of the Biological Sciences Dive Team that monitors the development of the Texas Clipper Reef off South Padre Island.  

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