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Jonathan Le

Jonathan is assessing the effects of increasing disturbance frequency  on community structure and testing the Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis in subtidal benthic biofouling communities at the Texas Clipper reef off the coast of South Padre Island, Texas. Steel plates mounted on racks that were welded to the Texas Clipper before reefing will be utilized as the experimental units. The plates are located at a depth of approximately 25.9-27.4 meters (85-90 ft). The plates have been underwater since August of 2010 to allow time for organisms to form colonies and grow. Beginning March 24, 2012 a series of equal intensity disturbances will be applied in situ with a specially designed tool that was designed for the experiment by Jonathan. Treatments will vary by disturbance frequency. Photographic records of each experimental treatment will be taken throughout the length of the study. After the study period of 140 days is completed the plates will be collected by a recovery team of divers and brought to the laboratory for analysis. This study is funded by Texas Parks and Wildlife through the Texas Artificial Reef Program.  

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