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Our faculty is focused on environmental aspects of sediment, air and water. Chemistry research focus areas include environmental, organic, inorganic, physical, nano-, bio- and analytic chemistry. We integrate undergraduate students into our current and prospective research projects (see below). Our research themes are closely integrated with our teaching, providing inspiring courses led by professors that are at the forefront of their respective fields. We believe that undergraduate research experiences are key to engaging students in science and integral to their learning experiences.

Current and Developing Research Projects

We are involved in a variety of projects, and always interested in integrating students, academics, and community members into our existing projects.

There are several projects for which professors are currently seeking students with interest. If you are interested in any of the projects below, please contact the associated professor.

For general questions about undergraduate research opportunities in Environmental Science please contact Elizabeth Heise or Jude Benavides. For undergraduate opportunities in chemistry, please contact Henry Moore.

Research Project Professor
Arroyo Colorado Water Quality Assessment Elizabeth Heise

Bahia Grande/Laguna Atascosa Wetland Restoration

Elizabeth Heise and Jude Benavides

Border Wall Spatial
and Demographic Analysis

Jude Benavides

Dune Restoration on South Padre Island

Elizabeth Heise
Experimental and Computational Studies on Thioxanthone and Thiepinone

Wei Lin

Arroyo Colorado Water Quality Assessment​
Jude Benavides
Rio Grande Bacteria Impairment Study Elizabeth Heise
Sediments in San Martin Lake Elizabeth Heise

Texas Clipper Offshore Operations

Carlos Cintra Buenrostro

Welch Foundation Chemistry Research

Henry Moore

Recent Department Publications*

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circumstances without prior consent from the publisher.

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