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The mission of The University of Texas at Brownsville is to provide accessible, affordable, postsecondary education of high quality; to conduct research which expands knowledge; and to present programs of workforce training and continuing education, public service, and cultural value.

The Department of Mathematics in the College of Science, Mathematics and Technology plays a pivotal role in the accomplishment of this mission by offering programs to help students at all levels develop necessary skills in critical thinking and quantitative analysis which will promote and sustain learning for a lifetime.

Developmental remediation courses are offered every semester for students who need to strengthen their basic mathematical skills in preparation for college-level mathematics courses. Such courses include Basic Mathematics, Introductory Algebra, and Intermediate Algebra. The Department of Mathematics supports many programs in the university by offering general education courses in mathematics. It also serves other departments in the College of Science, Mathematics, and Technology by offering mathematics courses that support the biology, computer science, physics, and engineering curricula. It also provides courses in mathematics for students in the College of Education, both at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Elementary Statistics, Pre-Calculus, Discrete Structures and others are offered as distance education courses. These courses are 100 percent online via "MyUTB Blackboard." For students who have a part-time or a full-time job, this offers them an opportunity to continue their education while working.

Recently the faculty in the Department of Mathematics has redesigned courses; such as College Algebra, Math for Liberal Arts and Elementary Statistics; and created an interactive learning environment which makes use of online course materials, software, and computer notebooks. Both faculty and students are now using leading-edge computer technology to enhance student learning.

Courses, such as Math for Liberal Arts and College Algebra, are offered also in Spanish. This approach highlights the heritage of the Rio Grande Valley and nourishes the development and application of bi-literacy in our students.

The Department of Mathematics offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and graduates the largest numbers of Hispanic math majors in the nation. In addition to the program in pure mathematics, we offer two teacher-preparation tracks which have been very successful, as we produce most of the mathematics teachers for local high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools in Brownsville and surrounding areas.

The faculty in the Department of Mathematics created the Master of Science in Mathematics, a program which was approved by the state of Texas and implemented by UTB in 2005. This program offers four tracks: Pure, Industrial, Teaching Mathematics and Distance Learning. Some of the graduates of this program are teaching, both at high school and college level, and others are pursuing a doctorate either in mathematics or some other science.

The faculty of the Department of Mathematics continues its commitment to meet student demands and regional needs.

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