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activities: section 4

Early Solar System Formation, Meteorites and Comets

Noblesville Fall
Exploring Meteorite Mysteries
Using the story of the Noblesville Fall in 1991, students brainstorm what they wonder or might want to know about meteorites.

Building Blocks of Planets (Accretion)
Exploring Meteorite Mysteries
In a demonstration, students see an illustration of planetary accretion.

Changes Inside Planets (Differentiation and Breakup)
Exploring Meteorite Mysteries
Students conduct experiments using gelatin to model the separation of light and heavy materials within a planetary body. In a second activity, students model the break-up of a differentiated body using frozen hard-boiled eggs.

Looking Inside Planets (Modeling Planets Interiors)
Modeling the Solar System
Students model the interior structures of the planets using a data sheet as a resource.

Searching for Meteorites
Exploring Meteorite Mysteries
Water balloons filled with flour and pebbles help students model the distribution of materials after meteorite impacts.

Follow the Falling Meteorite (Triangulation)
Exploring Meteorite Mysteries
Students demonstrate and experience the way remote objects or sites can be accurately located by triangulation.

Edible Rocks
Exploring Meteorite Mysteries
Students observe and describe physical characteristics of an edible sample in preparation for describing rock or meteorite samples.

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