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activities: section 7

Looking For Life Beyond Earth

Searching for Life on Mars
Destination Mars!

Imaginary Martians
Students draw creatures based on literary readings.

Looking for Life
Students develop operational definition of life. They use their definition to look for evidence of life in sample. This experiment is based on a 1976 Viking Lander experiment.

Size and Shape Matters
Size and Shape Imaged

Fingerprints of Life?
Students gain appreciation for the importance of relative size and morphology in identifying microscopic structures as viewed with the scanning electron microscope. In the first activity students sequence unlabeled electron micrographs. The second is a computer slide show that gives students images and information and then asks them to draw conclusions about three unlabeled Martian meteorites.

Creature Features
Fingerprints of Life?
Students observe teacher-made creatures and record data simulating future sample return.

What Makes a World Habitable? (Extreme Environments)
Life on Earth…and Elsewhere? Educator Resource Guide
Students assess the possibility of life in the solar system using Habitability Cards.

What Can Life Tolerate? (Extreme Environments)
Life on Earth…and Elsewhere? Educator Resource Guide
Playing a rummy-type game Life on the Edge students explore the idea that organisms living under extreme conditions on Earth can serve as analogs for extraterrestrial life.

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