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activities: section 5

Planetary Surfaces

Search for a Habitable Planet: Modeling the Solar System
Used as a raggedy start, students make models of imaginary creatures, and then look for a suitable home. Our Solar System is used for possible choices.

Extreme Solar System Exploration Timeline Activity
Students are introduced to solar system exploration missions as they construct a timeline using the Solar System Exploration Timeline 2003-2006 mini-poster and NASA internet resources. The timeline display then serves as a visual reminder of coming events.

Why Explore?: Destination Mars!
Students review the seven traditional reasons why people explore. Working in teams, they summarize and illustrate the ideas.

Strange New Planet: Mars Activity Book: K-12 Activities Booklet scroll to page 16 Students make multi-sensory observations, gathering data and stimulating remote sensing missions. (See also

Dancing with the Planets (or just Mars) Destination Mars!
Students use their knowledge of the solar system to create a dramatic group demonstration. (May be used as an assessment or final activity in a training - the scope can encompass broader information that published in the activity.)

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