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General Information about the Graduate Degrees

Application instructions and deadlines: 
MS CS application and GRE questions:
Contact Ms. Mari Montelongo, Graduate Program Specialist, (956)882-7787,

Academic Planner:
MS CS teaching assistantships (TA), research assistantships (RA)  and program questions
Contact Dr. Liyu Zhang, MS CS Coordinator, (956)882-6631,
Courses are offered according to the perpetual calendar described in the academic degree planner:
Courses are scheduled in traditional fall and spring semesters but students may request non-traditional course schedules (such as summer, weekends or short periods) by filling out the course petition form.
Comprehensive tests such as midterms and finals in online courses are taken online at proctored testing sites which are coordinated by the course instructor through the office of distance education at UT Brownsville.
If you are an online student and you are interested in writing a thesis your choice of graduation (instead of using other options such as comprehensive examination or graduate project) then you may not need to be present on campus; however, you may require to be present on campus for the thesis defense examinations.
Students who do not have a computing background may be required to take remedial courses at undergraduate level.
Students interested in further doctoral studies in computer science are strongly advised to select the thesis graduation option and to select the computer science track.
Students interested in further doctoral studies in applied computer science are strongly advised to select the thesis graduation option and to select the computational science track.
Admission is holistic and it not based only on GRE scores.
UT Brownsville and UT Pan American will be dissolved in fall 2015; however, programs UT RGV will emerge as a new university which will continue the programs currently offered by both UTB and UTPA.
The master program is programming intensive and different programming languages are used in each class depending on the class topic.

Asked Questions related to the Graduate Degrees

1. I have a degree in Political Science and want to study computer science for masters. What are the specific background courses I would needed to enter the program?

All successful applicants of the MSCS program are expected to have some science and engineering background if they don't have a undergraduate major of computer science. This requires Calculus I and Calculus II or their equivalences to be the minimum set of courses needed to be admitted to the program. We also strongly recommend prospective students to take courses in the following subjects if they haven't already, before they apply to our MSCS program, for otherwise they will be prescribed graduate courses in those areas if they are admitted:

Statistics, Discrete Mathematics, Programming and Data Structures.

2. What are my chances of getting into the Masters program with a 2.5 undergraduate cummulative gpa?

We cannot tell your likelihood of getting into the MSCS program of UTB without an application and review process being complete. GPA below 3.0 may give you conditional program acceptance.

The rationale for the proposed answer to Question 1 is that almost all preparatory courses for MSCS students who don't have undergraduate majors in CS need Calculus courses directly or indirectly, and calculus courses are usually only offered at undergraduate level and cannot be offered online... The other preparatory courses for MSCS can all be offered online by us or the math department. 


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