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Technology Supported Learning Certificate

This certificate program provides faculty with the resources to conduct on line courses, blended courses or use electronic resources for out of classroom activities in a traditional face-to-face class.

Traditional Land Based Courses

Colleges everywhere are finding that technology used outside the classroom by students is a powerful way in which to provide a diverse learning atmosphere. By using electronic resources students can use alternative ways to reinforce what they have learned in the classroom. Examples include social media to connect with students, online study groups, and videos and audio that provides content described and presented in a different way.

Integrating Technology with Scheduling

Blended courses are the fastest growing higher education teaching strategy. The reason is the flexibility. Faculty can mold a course to their syllabus for meeting times, types of assignments, and the level of learning the students need to achieve. The more creative the faculty member the more effective these courses are.

Online Learning Courses

Although in most colleges online learning courses are not increasing, they are becoming a standard even in land based majors. Students report that online courses are more interactive with peers and professors. The top challenge is to manage that energy.

Course Description

This certificate is a hands-on, interactive learning. After one face to face meeting, faculty become students in the course and experience many different teaching strategies. From these choices, you pick teaching tools that fit your teaching style and incorporate it into tyour course - tyour way.

Skills you will come away with:

  • Methods for implimneting managing social media
  • Methods for organizing group work with technology to improve student interaction
  • Peer evaluation of assignments, papers and presentations
  • Video and audio editing to create interactive activities
  • Easy editors for professional look and feel
  • Google Docs for more efficient sharing
  • Writing tools for easy and effective grading, check for pldegerism, and

Date: December 12, 10 a.m. to 12 noon.  This will be the only time we will meet face to face until the end of the course.  The rest of the information will be done on-line.  You will learn as you do!

Place: Center for Teaching and Learning UB Classroom Building

For more information contact: Betsy Price 956-466-0182 (cell phone - call any time.)

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